My ongoing project is called the STATION, a stream of digital photographs compiled over the greater part of 2012/2013 and continues into 2014.  Mainly taken during late night & sunrise drives, to and from my studio or job,  these images are hypnotically fueled into solar-like formations: convenience stop novas.  

The split second ability to capture the mundane of nightlife, while driving, creates digitized distortions that speak to the mysteries of expediency and immediacy, unveiling salvaged moments.

Do I need to drive when I snap these pictures? Must I use the camera on my phone?  Why do evening gas stations draw me into its illusion?  Quickness, stillness: conditions solicit parameters and become difficult to ignore, unless of course, I choose to abandon them.

I am not careless about the consequences of what this method has in store, consciously adapting at a moment's notice to surrounding platforms.

Capturing imagery becomes an "anecdote" as the late painter Mark Rothko put it, "becoming the only means of making concrete the purpose of its varied quickness and stillness." 

Whether the medium is digital photography, sculpture or works on paper, my images begin with a contemplative action and continue to evolve within the technical process. 


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